MEDAL Mobility schemes

Mobility: for whom
and how to apply? 

Open to:
Early-career researchers and other academic staff with a MEDAL affiliation

  • M1 – Early-Career Researchers Training (incl. Summer Schools)
  • M2 – All Researchers: Scientific Visits & Conferences
  • M3 – Affiliated Guest Lectures
  • M4 – Administrative Visits (University of Tartu Staff)
  • M5 – Special Cases (everybody else)
  • M6 – MEDAL Steering Committee Members and Invitees Internal Mobility

Find the MEDAL mobility type to fund your participation below.

A retro Eastern European car.
A bog with trees, seen from above.

In 2023 we travelled to Tartu to do corpus linguistics, enjoy the retro gems of the Eastern European automotive industry and explore the bogs.

Apply for Mobility: