International travel to/from Tartu

The easiest way to get to Tartu from abroad is via Tallinn. To reach Tartu from the Tallinn airport, you can take a bus (Lux Express; buy beforehand) directly from the airport or a train (Elron; can be bought on the train) from Ülemiste station (a 10-minute walk from the airport). Both are excellent options. Riga is also an option, but there are only minimal bus connections to/from Tartu (Lux Express; buy beforehand).

Arriving late at Tallinn airport or leaving early from Tallinn airport typically requires spending the night in Tallinn, so make sure to check the bus/train schedules and find a place to stay in Tallinn, if necessary (the Mercure hotel is a five-minute walk from the airport).

Getting around in Tartu

Tartu is small enough that you can walk everywhere within 30 minutes. For other options, see:


Several rooms have been pre-booked for this event in the following two locations (up to 45 people):

Dorpat Hotel (breakfast included, ~70 EUR / night per person and rooms can also be shared; pre-booked 20 spots; use the code "summer school" via direct booking at info@dorpat.ee to get this price)

Tartu student hostel (shared kitchen, ~35 EUR / night; pre-booked 25 spots; use the code "summer school" via direct booking at info@campus.ee to get this price)

Other options include affordable Tamme or EMÜ hostels.

More exclusive options include Lydia, VSpa (with spa), and SOHO hotels.


You can check out the city tourism website for other ideas.

Food and drink

Coffee breaks every day and the reception on Tuesday evening are included; Participants are responsible for all other meals on their own.

Tartu has a lot of good quality, relatively affordable restaurants and bars. To get an impression, check out the city tourism website. Weekday lunch specials ("päevapraad") are listed here and here.


The summer school will take place in the Humanities building at Jakobi 2. See the program for specific times and room numbers.